This is number 6 in an 8 part series of blog postings on pivot tables. You can read one, two, three, four and five and number seven and eight are on the way next week.

I came across this rather delightful little trick on . Essentially it allows you to create multiple pivot tables in seconds but it’s not that easy to find…

The steps are:

  1. Click in your pivot table
  2. Construct your pivot table as usual.
  3. Make sure that the field you want to create multiple pivot tables for is in the Report Filter section
  4. From the Pivot Table Tools ribbon, choose Options ribbon
  5. From left hand side, click on small triangle beside Options
  6. Click on Show Report Filter pages
  7. Click OK and hey presto you have your multiple pivot tables.

Here’s the video below to show how it’s done…

[flowplayer src=’’]

And always here is the file for you to practise on…

Any comments, suggestions, observations always welcome…