Welcome to the Excel Expert

Helping you to learn to enjoy (even love) Excel – one cell at a time

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First of all welcome to the site. If you are here you are probably looking for help with Microsoft Excel. This site is full of Excel tutorials and hints and tips.

In this website you will find help with Excel that is specifically aimed at solving YOUR Excel problems.  A lot of the tutorials I give here are inspired by questions I get in class so if you have a specific question – sign up for the shortcuts (see box over on your right – they are free, and unlike Hotel California, you can check out any time 🙂 and let me know how I can help..

We’ve all spent lots of time feeling frustrated by Excel and thinking there has to be a better way.

In this website I want to demystify it for you, help you understand the power and ease of some of he that functionality you see other whizs using.  All the blog posts here include a video and examples in the excel sheet. 

I want you to start ENJOYING using Excel (yes, it’s possible!)