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Your Excel Survival Kit

Your Excel Survival Kit, 2nd Edition

This book is for you if you’re being asked to use Excel more than you ever expected and you are looking for a guide to take you to what is relevant and most frequently used.

It’s also for you if you have seen that in your organisation, it’s the Excel power users who get promoted and you want to join them.

Pivot Tables Explained – Unleash this Excel superpower and convert your data to gold

If you have ever worked with Excel you will probably have heard someone talking about how great pivot tables are. You might have seen them but when you tried them they didn’t work.

This book (complete with files and screenshots) walks you through the creation of pivot tables from the importance of having clean data to how to let Excel help you get started to exploring some of the lesser-known superpowers of this too

Your Excel Survival Kit

Start to End: Use Excel to Track your Finances

If you want to use Excel to track and summarize your finances – particularly if you work with a non-profit where you need to track by projects – this book is made for you.

How To Track Your Training Records Using Excel

If you need to use Excel to track your employees’ training records, this book is for you. Learn how to use Excel to quickly identify who needs certification and summarize your training records. This is a Business eBook.

Get and Transform Data

Anne Walsh is a freelance trainer (since the mid-90s) aka The Excel Lady. She got this name when people would look at her and say, “you, you’re the Excel Lady!”. This is a Business eBook.

How To Create Great Reports In Excel

If you regularly need to summarize and prepare reports using Excel data, this report gives you the techniques you need from initial data cleansing to getting your chart into a PowerPoint presentation.
This is a Business eBook.

Tables in Excel

Tables in Excel.

How To Create Great Reports In Word

If you need to write a report in Word, you have probably done manually what is actually built into Word. This book covers all the main features you need to write a slick published report. This is a Business eBook.