Well, folks – the book is out…..you can view the table of contents here..

My intention for the book was to help all those people that I see in my class who feel stumped and stuck by Excel. If you can learn the skills in this book you will become the Excel ninja in your office and you will start to learn to love Excel (you will!).  If you want to upgrade your skills and get ahead of the curve in Excel this can help.  It takes you from the basics through various functions and up to the newest features of Excel – Power Query and Power Pivot. If you know of anyone who has been catapulted into a job requiring a lot of Excel – this book can help…

This book could be useful for new people to your organisation

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I’d really appreciate a (honest!)  review. It’s the thing that helps push the book up the rankings.

It includes files, screenshots and step by step instructions….