Am thrilled that one of my tips got used in MrExcel’s latest Excel book: The 40 greatest Excel tips of all time.  (This is the Amazon.co.uk link). This is MrExcel’s 40th book.

It’s actually a beautifully produced colour book full of illustrations, jokes, funny Excel tweets along with the tips and tricks. It’s nearly a coffee table book in the quality of its production. It’s the sort of book that every time you pick it up you can learn something…

The tip that got used in the book is the one  I often mention in class about using Window/Arrange All/tick windows of active workbook to allow you to view multiple worksheets and I was delighted to have it included in this book. 

If you have children, this would be a great present…I mean never mind those toys and dolls and books – give them something that will really prepare them for life…AN EXCEL BOOK!!!!

t40 greatest Excel tips of all time


Or to quote from one of the tweets ” Kids, learn three things in Excel. Vlookup. Pivot Tables. How to create a chart. The average office worker will think you’re a GOD”……