Well, folks, I’ve been off the blogging grid for a while. Not going to make any excuses about this. But plan to get back on the blogging horse again…me thinks I feel a joke about “blogging a dead horse” coming on…but I shall restrain myself.

OK, so what are tables in Excel and why should you use them? Today I’m just going to give you the first one…totally for cosmetic reasons…

  1. If you are like most Excel users these days you get a lorryload of data as a download and then you have to do various things with it to get your final result. The data is usually in a tabular form..
  2. Tidy up your list i.e. one heading in one cell, no blank rows, no blank columns
  3. Click anywhere in your list and press Ctrl and T (or Insert – Table)
  4. Hey presto, your list looks as if you have spent (relatively) happy hours colouring alternate rows..
    1. So you know the way you saw a colleague with this and thought how painstakingly and careful they were…sorry to disappoint you…they weren’t. They just applied a table.

      Tables are NOT hard work

      Tables are NOT hard work

  5. When you have done this…just see how easily you can now filter and how if you scroll down to the bottom…the headings stay at the sop…yeah, I’m impressed too…. 🙂
  6. So far so good. If you want to try this out for yourself….check out the dummy data file below (thanks..www.generatedata.com – great site if you want to generate dummy data)

Download this file to practise….tables_dummy_data

As always if you have any comments/suggestions feel free to add them…