I had a participant in my class who regularly brings groups on excursions and she thought it would be lovely – as indeed it would – to have a way to identify who has a birthday in the time period of the course.

I began with a list of fake names and dates of birth from my ever- trusty Fake Name Generator. Alas,I found that when I did, the dates of birth were in US (mm/dd/yyyy) format. I then used a trick I learned from Ken Puls to quickly convert those dates into dd/mm/yyyy format.  If you want to go straight to the file – you can find it here

You can watch the video  here about how to change your dates

Next piece was to set up the file so that I could use Excel to extract the days and months from my start date and end dates

In this video – I show you how to create the IFS formula that actually calculates the birthday status along with a helping of conditional formatting to give them a colour pop

The last piece is where I show you how to use conditional formatting to colour code entries that meet the criteria so you can quickly see them