Formulas, formulas, formulas – everyone’s favourite Excel topic. In this table I have identified a number of FAQs and I have put together a table to help you decide what feature to use when…

Pull in missing data from somewhere else Vlookup() or Index/Match or Xlookup()
Compare two listsVlookup() or Index/Match or Xlookup() using the Iferror function and Conditional formatting
Find the highest/lowest/average of a set of numbersMax()/Min()/Average()
Assign a colour based on whether a condition is metConditional Formatting
Add up how many entries meet a number of conditionsCountifs()/Sumifs()
Use the same value over and overFix a cell/make it absolute
Summarize large amounts of dataPivot tables
Create a chartTry Recommended charts
Filter by colourFilter by colour
Print a heading on every pagePrint Titles
Identify and remove duplicatesConditional Formatting and Data | Remove Duplicates