A few months ago, I was asked by someone on my mailing list to help her set up a spreadsheet to help track her waiting list. She had to submit monthly metrics showing the number of patients by age and number of weeks they had been waiting. One way to do this is by filtering of course but she wanted to see if she could automate it a bit more. I set up a spreadsheet using the Countifs function which did just that and works rather well. I used my favourite website: Fake Name Generator to give me a list of names. You need to note that these formulas are dependent on the data in the sheet just showing the list of names that are currently waiting. People who have been seen should not be on this list.

In the video I mentioned the DateDif() function to calculate the age

This is the starting file.

Part One – calculating number on waiting list by weeks waiting (0-12 weeks) and (0-4 age)

This second video shows you how to copy across the formulas to work for other age brackets. You can download the final file here

As always any questions or comments – happy to hear them. In the next blog post I will be showing you how to calculate the highest days waiting by age bracket.