Using Sumif

One of the more useful (but lesser known functions in Excel is the SumIF function. This has been available in most versions (unlike the SumIFs function – which I am going to cover in another post).

So what does it do? Let me give you a couple of scenarios:

  1. You have a list of invoices and you want to calculate the grand total of invoices which are more than 60 days old.
  2. You want to calculate the value of commissions for individual salespeople from a list.


 The SumIf Function is ideal for that. However, its main limitation is that it only allows one criteria. Therefore you couldn’t use it to find the value of invoices over 60 days for a particular area. 


Have a look at the video below to see how its done. And if you want to try yourself, down the file underneath


[flowplayer src=’’]


And if you want to practise using the Excel Sumif function, download the file below..


You can click on this link to download a file you can practise on – SUMIF_demo_file