Well, as we start 2016, I know that some of you might be thinking of looking for a new relationship in this year and yes, Excel can help you. Paul McKenna (the celebrity hypnotist)  says he chose his fiancee using an Excel spreadsheet. If this is something you want to investigate further Nell Frizell in the Guardian gives you a suggested approach.  Could I point out at this point that I accept NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for any marriages/divorces/romances/breakups that occur as a result of using this spreadsheet….

I am looking forward to blogging more about Excel in 2016 and I will probably be asking for your help and ideas on what you would like to read more about…

If you have any specific New Year resolutions around Excel, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help you…

And of course in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions…here is a link to an Excel spreadsheet. 🙂



My New Year’s resolutions are to:

  • Run and finish a 10k this year (last year I decided to run a 5k, did that twice and also completed an 8k). At this point my aim is to run it all and finish it – New_years_resolution
    even if I come in the next day!
  • Write and blog a lot more this year…and not just about Excel.
  • My Excel book to be published – it’s nearly finished but has to jump through a lot of hoops before it goes out in the wild 🙂
  • To focus on feeling light, expansive and unhooked – to get over feeling irritated more quickly ;-). I’m hoping I will be meeting a lot fewer plonkers and gobs**** on the roads, on telly etc in 2016.

What are some of your New Year resolutions?