In this blog post I want to walk you through the creation of a dashboard in Excel. We will be using Slicers, dropdown lists, pivot tables and the lesser known function – GetPivotData. Oh and we might throw in a chart or two and traffic lights for extra zest…let’s get going! If you want to get straight to the file, you can download the completed dashboard here

Part One – Prepare your Calculations.

In this video we will look at the first part which is about preparing our pivot tables – this will form the basis for our dashboard.

Part Two – Creating headings and dropdown lists

In this video we look at how you start creating your dashboard by using text boxes, re-sizing your slicer and adding a dropdown box.

Add your calculations, conditional formatting and charts.

In this video we add the final bits: linking our Dashboard to our pivot table data, adding a traffic light system to highlight different variances and then a chart to complete it.