Well Excel-ent people…

I_am_so_excitedMy book is finally on the way. I’ve been working away at it over the last few months and it’s now gone to the printers. It is being published by MrExcel – the largest publisher of Excel books in the world and will be available in the next month or two in hard copy and Kindle and Kobo as well. I am the first Irish person on his books and I am – to use an Irish phrase – fierce excited.

I do plan to have a book launch – probably in Galway, Ireland – again dates to be confirmed but will keep you posted.

OK, so why would you buy it?

  • There are 750 million Excel users worldwide – it is one of the most portable skillsets to have. The chances are, no matter where you go – you will meet someone using Excel 🙂 and it definitely makes you more employable.
  • It is based on years of seeing the same problems presented and the same questions coming up. A lot of the problems with Excel arise because people haven’t got their data organised in an Excel friendly way and I show you how to do that in the book.
  • Learning how to use Excel effectively will save you time EVERY DAY and what’s more – you can’t beat the great feeling of getting something to work…YESSSSS… 🙂
  • I’ve also worked hard to make it very portable – let’s put it this way – if you have a handbag you can easily put the book into it :-). It’s easy to carry even if you don’t have a handbag…
  • It then covers the stuff that you face on a day to day basis – the coalface of Excel -cleaning up data, constructing vlookups to link different data sets and  then creating pivot tables.

Who is it for?


  • Vlookup_memeThis book is for all the people I see thrown in at the deep end with Excel – it starts out with a revision of the basics and goes on from there.
  • Many people think they know Excel but then realise when they go to a new workplace that they really need to up their game – this book helps you do that.
  • If you have been told about Vlookups and pivot tables (or just seen them) this book takes you through using them in a number of different scenarios…
  • If you want to get ahead of the curve in Excel I cover an introduction to Power Query (Excel’s new data clean up tool) and Power Pivot – its tool for creating super pivot tables.
  • It’s for you if you have done the ECDL (this is probably more relevant for Irish readers) but realise that Holy S***, I really have to up my game here!


I will let you know when it comes out and what would be really helpful would be if you would be willing to buy it and review it on Amazon…thank you.