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Do you want to have more time to do what you really want instead of struggling with Excel..well you are in the right place!


You can get your INSTANT copy of my Excel book – Your Excel Survival Kit – A guide to surviving and thriving in an Excel world ..complete with bonuses here.  This book covers all the topics that you need to master the main topics of Excel. PLUS tipsheets full of fast, highly effective Excel tips. All for $17!

Table of Contents

  1. Back to Basics – What do you know already?
  2. Getting your data together – Catching Your File
  3. Further Cleaning, Slicing and Dicing
  4. The Vlookup() : An Excel Essential
  5. Creating Pivot Tables
  6. Using Power Query to quickly clean up data
  7. Beyond the Pivot Table: Power Pivot

Bonus No. 1 – Data Cleansing Tipsheet

If you work with Excel, you will know that you spend a fair chunk of time just cleaning up data – this sheet shows you how to quickly separate how your data, how to quickly fill in blanks, cleaning up dates etc.

Bonus No. 2 – Data Validation Tipsheet

A big part of sorting out Excel problems is preventing them. That’s where Data Validation comes in. This is full of tips to show you how to protect your cell entries, create dropdown lists that you can easily update, restrict date entries and much more…

Bonus No. 3 – Conditional Formatting Tipsheet

Conditional formatting allows you to visually and instantly identify entries that meet certain conditions e.g. have I got duplicates? What are my top 10 items? My bottom 10 items? Can I add a traffic light system?  This sheet shows you how to do all that…

Bonus No. 4 – A list of Excel keyboard shortcuts

A list of carefully selected Excel resources – saving you having to trawl through the Internet looking for recommended resources. I get asked all the time about keyboard shortcuts in my class – here’s a great list.

You Might Be Asking – Who Are You & How Can You Help Me?

My name is Anne Walsh and I’ve been working as a trainer in Excel for the best part of 20 years. I’ve done my 10,000 hours and what is in the book are the answers to the questions that come up over and over again in my training classes. How do I do formulas? How do I do pivot tables? How do I do a chart?

I know my stuff and I know how to explain Excel so that it is accessible and easy to understand.

Here are some testimonials about the work I do..

        I work as a business analysis for a large company. I always handle large chunks of data, and have used excel and several other reporting tools.Most of the time I do pretty good, but I have been a HUGE fan of Anne Walsh, and the-excel-expert.com website for more than a year.She offers Great tips and Time saving tools which have helped me a lot. Recently I asked more than 10 people in my office, (all who were skilled at excel) for a quick way to fill in the blank spaces with the correct information.They all tried to think of a way but we still didn’t figure it out. I send Anne a short email to ask her for help ! And W@W, she answer my email within an hour.Her tip was clear, accurate, and it did exactly what I needed it to do. Then going the extra mile, she also included a tip sheet, with another 15 time savers.I look forward to all her emails, and have found her to be a wonderful resource. Thank you!

-Jane BowdenOperations CoordinatorTony Johnson EVP OperationsHenry Schein Animal Health,400 Metro Place North,Dublin, Ohio 43017PH 614-659-1670FAX 614-659-1965

        Thanks very much for your email and for the course yesterday.It met all my requirements. The content wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little, it was just right. And was delivered really well. It was great.
-Miriam Lynch, www.bioenergygalway.ie

        Anne Walsh, Microsoft Certified Trainer facilitates training sessions in University Hospital Galway. A colleague of mine attended Excel training and discussed with Anne our staff training record needs and how she would suggest improvements to it. The current excel system for staff training records did not meet our requirements. Anne designed a template that she felt may be beneficial to us. On review of this template, I contacted Anne who advised me to create a new spreadsheet that would allow me enter all training records and extract the information through advanced functions and pivot tables. After several meetings with Anne, she created a system that is now easy to maintain, easy to expand (if we get additional staff, courses or departments) and which can produce the up to date figures I need in minutes. The development of this system needed a lot of work and support and guidance which Anne facilitated with great enthusiasm. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise were invaluable to me. I found her very approachable and accommodated all my requests for assistance. This training system could be replicated and used in any organisation. Thank you Anne for all your assistance.
-Geraldine McHugh, Midwifery Practice Development Unit, University Hospital Galway. Date of Testimonial: 8th September 2015

        You’ve been a great help. Thanks for taking time to help with this issue – it’s made our daily Excel reporting much easier. We thoroughly enjoyed your course and are now using various functions that we’ve learnt. We’re adding more columns to pivots for percentages where we would have previously copied out to a table and then did % calculations separately. We’ve also added slices which have been great for our bosses. It was well worth a trip from Belfast! .
-Zita Cunningham

        Excellent tutor. Lesson was excellently planned, paced and delivered. A natural teacher. Thanks a lot.
-Evan Connolly – Atlantic Language School

        For days I was trying to come up with a solution to a conditional formatting issue. I posed a couple of questions to Anne and after a couple of e-mail exchanges she provided a perfect solution. I am very grateful to Anne and find her to explain the functionality of excel very well.
-Morten Tjelum

        I’d also like to commend you for your excellent training yesterday; I only wish we had longer to dig into things in depth. Your excellent preparation, materials, knowledge, enthusiasm, and attention to detail really came across in the classroom environment. Probably the best training experience I’ve had in my six years with this company.4.75 out of 5 stars.
-Well Done! R.H

        I use Excel a lot and thanks to Anne Walsh’s excellent teachings .I am definitely a lot more confident and capable in using Excel than I ever was before”.
-Sinead Campi Community Game

What You Can Expect

  • Instant access to the book – complete with instructions on how to get it onto your computer and other devices
  • Instant access to the files that go with the book – you will need to work through the exercises to get the full benefit of the book..you won’t get fit by watching the people in the gym – you have to do the exercises!
  • A copy of the tipsheet on Data cleansing – cleaning up data is a constant chore in Excel – this covers some of the fastest (and some not so well known ones )
  • A copy of the tipsheet on Conditional Formatting
  • A copy of the tipsheet on Data Validation
  • A list of carefully curated Excel resources. I am constantly looking to update my own Excel skills and here is a list of the ones that I have found most useful.

What’s it worth?

Excel is used by 750 million people throughout the world. Microsoft’s CEO recently described it as the most important product Microsoft has ever produced. If you are looking for a job, the chances are you will be expected to have strong Excel skills. This book covers the key Excel skills you will need. The bonus tipsheets cover techniques that are not in the book but which will make you the Excel hero/heroine in your office.

  • Book – List price of $19.95
  • Tipsheets : Priceless
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Priceless

You get all these plus the files delivered to your inbox for $17.00. Yep, $17..