Vlookup Webinar

Vlookup webinar

So you have heard all about the vlookup function and judging by how some people talk about it, it’s really some sort of black magic.

This webinar will help dispel (geddit- sorry 🙁 ) that illusion. This webinar takes you step by step through using a vlookup complete with files, examples and the files and solutions are included as well…so you can see how it’s all done.

Vlookups are notorious for being a bit fiddly to  use so I also weave in tips and hints on how to troubleshoot (and avoid) the most common issues. The beauty of purchasing this webinar is that you can view it as often as you want and you can try out the questions in your own time and pace. And of course the solutions are there for you to check.
Want instant access?

So next time someone asks you to compare two files or pull information from two files together – now you can do it in minutes…how good is that?

And how much is your investment in this? Simple €11, yes, that’s ELEVEN euros (approximately $14 or £9).

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