Well I don’t know if you are like me, but I’ve got lots of folders and sub-folders and then sub-sub-folders and sometimes I don’t remember where I put what…..so I came across a really simple easy solution to this (one of those “whack me over the head and why haven’t I been using this for YEARS…moments) . It’s really simple. Locate the folder(s) you use all the time and simply drag it over to your Favourites (you do need to make sure your navigation pane is visible though) and then anytime you need to access that folder, hey presto there it is in favourites.

What’s the relevance of this to the Tour de France?  Well Sky implemented a policy of tiny incremental improvements and they have now won the Tour for the second year running…Bradley Wiggins last year and Chris Froome this year. While I’m not saying that using Favourites will make you a better cyclist….the idea is that if you implement even one small improvement idea a week (e.g. learn two keyboard shortcuts this week) over a year, that’s a large cumulative improvement…

Here’s the video to show how its done – and alas, no files!

[flowplayer src=’https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/the-excel-expert/using_favourites_sub-folders.mp4′]

As always your comments and suggestions are welcome….