Track your training records in Excel – free webinar

Tame your training records using Excel!


[highlight]How to track your training records in Excel, so you always know who has done what, even if you don’t know who they are…[/highlight]

Do you have responsibility for tracking your organisation’s training records?  Does this sound familiar?

  • People are due to renew their training but you have no idea – other that painstakingly going through every single entry – of how to quickly find that out.
  • You don’t know who is up to date with their training
  • You don’t know who has completed – or who hasn’t completed – their mandatory training
  • You get there in the end but you know there has to be a better way

Well there is, and it comes through using Excel – so no expensive software to install, learn and update.

I am inviting you to attend a free webinar in which I will show you how to do the following

  • Set up your data so you can easily find what you are looking for
  • Quickly colour code training that needs to be renewed.
  • Quickly generate a summary and chart of what training has been completed.
  • Quickly generate a list of people who are up to date with their certification.

I will also be telling you about the online course I have developed specifically around tracking training records in Excel and letting you know about a special deal.

If you can’t attend, it will be recorded and sent out to you after the call. I will also be making the files I will be using available after the call.

It will be held on Wednesday 23rd January at 7pm Dublin/Edinburgh time.

You can check your local time here. 

Sign up here to get all the deets…I look forward to meeting you there.

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