Online Tuition

 Online training option now available – and it’s recorded!

Are either of these two scenarios familiar to you?

  • Scenario One – New Job: You’ve got a new job but all of a sudden you have to work with Excel more than you ever thought and you are feeling over your head and panicked. You do eventually get it done but it’s really hard work and (a) you are not sure how much longer you can keep on doing it or (b) you are sure there has to be a smarter way but you don’t know how…
  • Scenario Two – Examination: You’ve been called for interview but they also want you to do an exam on Excel and you’ve done classes in the past – but you have forgotten most of it and you are panicked..

Well, I want to help you. I’m now offering one to one virtual tuition…what does that mean? 

  • You can do it from anywhere you want with Internet access (as long as you have Excel 2007 or later available – you will be doing some exercises as well you know 🙂
  • You can choose the topics you want to cover so that you hone in on exactly what is of most benefit to you – all I ask is that you let me know beforehand so that I can make sure the files I send you focus on those exact issues.
  • You can see me demonstrating the topic (with supplied files so you can follow along) and also files to practise on so that you know how to do it and we can sort out any difficulties there and then.
  • The whole thing will be recorded so that you can watch it as often as you like – which means that even if you have forgotten something you can view it again.
  • And it’s simple, once we have decided a date/time, I’ll send you a Paypal link (you don’t have to have a Paypal account – this option allows you to pay by credit card). I’ll then send you a link, click on that and that’s it.

Your investment for a 60 minute session is:

  • Non-subscriber rate – €60
  • Subscriber (all you have to do is sign up to the right – that’s free) €50

A group rate is also available: (Tuition to be done at same time for all participants)

  • Two people – €80 (assuming at least one person is a subscriber) – that’s €40 each.
  • Three people – €90 (assuming at least one person is a subscriber) that’s €30 each.

Want to get started?

Complete the contact form below with some days/times that suit and let me know what you would like help with and I’ll take it from there…