Tired of struggling with Excel?

You are the owner of a small business and let’s face it, you have enough to do to stay on top of your bills, keep your customers happy besides spending your weekends battling with Excel. This is where I want to help you…

Excel is a wonderful tool but if you are here you have probably spent some time feeling as though you are struggling with an unwieldy elephant.

I want to show you how to do the following:..

  1. How to set up your lists in Excel so that they become easy to update and get meaningful information out of it
  2. Use some of Excel’s powerful tools like filtering, sorting and pivot tables to quickly extract key metrics for your business
  3. Do a mail merge from Excel (although I don’t always recommend it!) so that you can quickly contact specific groups of your clients.
  4. Learn some of the powerful new features of the “new” Excel (2007 and afterwards) that allow you to automatically colour key information.

So what’s the first step? The first step is simply to sign up for your free Excel shortcuts sheet. (See the box to your right)

It’s free and if you implement even 3 or 4 of them you’ll already start saving hours of time…