Recently I have been working with a group around using Excel for Accounts. Now let me be completely upfront here first. I personally do not use Excel for my accounts. I use QuickBooks and have done so since I set up in business in the mid-nineties. That’s what accounts programmes are for. However I know there are many people who don’t so I found myself thinking – how could I automate this a bit more. Here we go..

Step One – Prepare your data

Set up your data file in Excel as a table format. There is a sample data set here. Also set up your invoice in Word – I used one of the existing templates in Word. I show you where to find that in the tutorial.

Step Two – Do a mail merge in Word to link the two of them

Use the Mail Merge feature in Word to link the two data sets together. Generate a set of invoices from that which you can print off and send to your customers.

Step Three – what to do when you need to print out new invoices

What to do when you add a new invoice and want to update your list of invoices