So for this I am going to walk you through one of the exercises I do with my learners when I am teaching Conditional formatting – particularly using the Highlight Cells Rules options. This is a file with the exercises in it.

Here are the questions

The number of entries you should get is written after each question.

  1. Highlight/Select the column for Customer Name and choose Duplicate Values from Highlight Cells Rules and apply a format of your choice. (You should just have ONE non-duplicate i.e. Sinead Fahy)
  2. Highlight/Select the column Order No, find all the orders between 70 and 80 and apply a format of your choice. (11)
  3. Highlight/Select the column Customer Name, find all the customers with Bikes in their name and apply a format of your choice. Make sure it is different from the format you applied in Q1 (21)
  4. Highlight the Month column and locate all the Jan entries. (17)
  5. Highlight the Price column and locate all the bikes with a price greater than or equal to 250 (50)
  6. Identify all the bikes with the word Speed in their description (28)
  7. Identify all the bikes where the quantity was less than or equal to 3 (62)
  8. Identify all the duplicate entries in the Product Code column (You should only have 2 non-duplicates)

You can watch the video of the whole thing here..